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Step by step

Please find important information about how to start in St. Leon-Rot - SLR.
The information are mostly for those people who live in private housing.

Surely there will be questions... send us an email:

1. Register in St. Leon-Rot's city hall - Bürgerbüro
Attention - English / international or bilingual passports are needed, where the information's field name (such as surname, address, etc..)
is written English with Latin letters.
A purely Ukrainian passport has to be translated by a certified translator. The Ukranian ID-Cards do have English title and subtitles.
Ukrainian passport, certification of marriage, or birth have to be translated! - translation by Mr.  & Mrs. Sklyarenko in Brühl

2. Register at the Service Point Ukraine at the Jobcenter (Red Entry door) Heidelberg!
Address: Czerny-Ring 22/12, Heidelberg
- Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. - there are professional translators to help you!
- there is free of charge parking in the back by arriving from Czerny-Ring street.
- Travel by train to Heidelberg main station or take the tram to station: Hauptbahnhof Süd (main station south)

- fill out the German application to stay legally in Germany
- fill out the application for financial support
- get your Corona-vaccination from 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Registration makes thngs easier, for example receiving medial care:
You need a medial treatment vouch er"Krankenschein" from the St. Leon-Rot's city hall that entitles you to regular medical care from the local doctors,  but only
- after registraton at the St Leon-Rot city hall and with the "Meldebescheinigung" that goes with it
- as well as with the number of your legal registration from Heidelberg (which you receive in a letter by regular mail).

Also you need to open a German bank account for receiving the money!

3. Education for children older than 6 years - they must go to school in Germany
- contact us to help you with the appointment

4. Child care for children younger than 6 years
- we do check the situation currently

5. Pregnant women & Mums with babys
The midwives Lina Fröhlich from St. Leon-Rot and Beate Rauscher from Reilingen can be contacted.

6. Corona-Test
In case you do need an official Covid-19 antigene test, you can visit the testing facility behind the city hall. The contact information of your host's place or the place you stay will be noted. Even if you are not registered in St. Leon-Rot at the moment, the test will be performed free of charge.

7. Sprachkurs - How to learn German
We do organise German classes, but Corona still rules our daily life. - We have to check the number of students fitting into the class room.
- Please contact Ute von Hahn ( to get your information about the current classes.
- Please specify if the students will be a child / teen / adult
- Does the student read our latin alphabet or is a decoding from kyrillic alphabet neccessary?

8. Housing - how and where to rent a flat
Please contact the officical St. Leon-Rot administration:
Juliane Kurtz
Telefon: 06227 538 115, Room 115
Visit only by appointment